Ultrasuoni / WASHING INKS

Ink washing in publishing in general.

Our washing machines are used in offset printing, but also flex, rotogravure, etc.

The great advantage of ultrasonic washing is the possibility of using water based detergents.

In fact, organic solvents, which are absolutely toxic and harmful to the staff, have to be abandoned, forced to wear protective equipment (gloves, suits and masks).

The considerable problems and costs of disposal as special waste and regulations for more and more tensile transport for solvents compared to aqueous detergents led to the choice of ultrasonic cleaning with detergents in the vast majority of cases.

Finally a note concerns the dangers of the toning power of certain solvents (toluene, xylol, etc.), and for chlorinated solvents their dissociation (phosgene) due to overheating, hence the cost of construction of plants and the adoption of particulars security measures for staff members.

Ink wash with minimal labor input

Our ultrasound washing machines are increasingly used, and the almost no labor cost is in fact the sole responsibility of the staff is to put and remove the pieces on the mobile platform of the bathtub.

Lastly, with washers in the LIFTER series, the inks are automatic and well away from the staff, in a healthy environment..

Dirty inks are loaded onto a platform.

At START command, automatic:
> the platform goes down,
     > the cover closes,
     > the ultrasound lights
     > starts a “up and down” movement (tilting)

at the end of which
> opens the lid and
    > the platform is in the loading / unloading position


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Inkers wash

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Ink wash takes place in water with medium alkaline detergents at a low temperature (60 °) (3-5%).

Low concentration does not leave excessive residues on the treated parts so that many times no rinses are needed.