Weapon cleaning both in construction and in periodic maintenance is a classic application of our ultrasonic washers working with water based detergent. E.g.:

Rifles and revolvers in the military sector

lavaggio armi con ultrasuoni

Guns and rifles for sport use

lavaggio armi

In this area, Italy has a point of excellence: large building factories for sport use have been the world’s foremost centuries and our country always comes with prestige awards in every event and race.
A small but important contribution to this is also given by the MORONI ultrasonic washers that intervene in many stages of production.

Weapon washing also finds out in the cleaning of infrared viewers and pointing systems
lavaggio armi
lavaggio armi
lavaggio armi

With MDV Heavy Duty Mobile Washers series (LIFTER) cleaners are complex and very heavy weapon systems:

  • Cannons for cannons on tank
  • Bullet’s cartridge ∅90 mm. for cannon
  • Siluries for submersible
  • Traction groups on tank
  • Artillery pointing systems
  • Wave guides in radar systems
  • Detection and photography optics

We use wash basins with water-based detergents under construction, but also during periodic maintenance at amphibious vehicle and tanks workshop, self-propelled artillery groups.
In aeronautics, our ultrasound tanks clean servomotors, wheels, brakes and hubs of trolleys, onboards instrumentation, cabin finishes.
One last application is cleaning mines from explosive traces after disinfection.
Washing and reconditioning of gas masks.

An interesting scope for arms washing is an affine sector, though not specific for weaponry but always military:

the washing of components for the satellite construction industry

In a totally depleted and decontaminated environment (white room), our ultrasonic washing machines with aqueous detergents perform many cleaning, assembly, and assembly cleaning tasks.