Ultrasonic power has a very rich vocabulary; it is combined with several terms: tip, peak, button, peak and away with fantasy.

The power of any apparatus is determined by the law of Ohm P = VxI and must be called “effective or medium power”, in English “AVERAGE POWER”.

Therefore determining the power of an ultrasonic generator is very simple, we measure the voltage (V) that power it, we measure the intensity of the current (A) that absorbs, the power is, we repeat, P = V x I.
Try with some generators you already own or are offered to you and you will have some great surprises.
You must then take into account the performance of the device, which depends greatly on the design and components, so as a minimum it must subtract 10-15% from the above value.

But it is not over yet, in fact the ultrasonic power we have talked about is that good or bad comes out of the generator and is applied to the transducers and here we have to talk about coupling, impedance, resonance, composite mass with the sheet of stainless steel to which the transducers are applied.

Then the almost infallible rule to have no bad surprises is that of empiricism: before deciding you claim to be able to carry out practical tests, which must simulate to the maximum the actual conditions of the plant you intend to install, it should be the same seller to propose .

Do not rely on the numbers proclaimed or boasted about ultrasonic power, in the field of ultrasonic cleaning machines nobody has ever found any objective, reliable values ​​for a purchase decision.
potenza ultrasuoni