Automatic ultrasound systems of each species for washing and subsequent treatments.


  • High loads
  • Great productivity.
  • Maximum security.
  • Minimum labour


impianti ultrasuoni automatici

Also called “noria” or “pilgrim step”, with the lifting and the simultaneous translation of all baskets, allow maximum productivity.
They also have great simplicity in the programming cycle as they continuously repeat from six to maximum ten movements..

impianti ultrasuoni automatici


Washing parts are loaded onto a platform that automatically drops to the ultrasonic washing position.

At this point, an ultrasound action is added to a plunger that facilitates the leakage of solid residues from the most internal parts of the pieces.

These automatic ultrasound systems are particularly suitable for heavy mechanical washing, such as motors, melds, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder groups and cylinders.

impianti ultrasuoni automatici


impianti ultrasuoni automatici

Ultrasonic washers with rotating basket

Ultrasonic washers with rotating baskets are designed for washing the highest precision on small metal hardware in general, to remove oils and greases from machining but above all IRON SHAVING and RESIDUALS machining.

The ULTRASONIC action combined with a SLOT ROTATION of the parts allows for cleaning in the most internal parts such as threads, blind holes, underfloor planes, and dive rotation preserves the parts to be washed by hitting the bumps, especially in the most delicate parts such as external threads or delicate floor tiles.

The platform, which rises and goes down with the breakings, when in the washing position it moves up is down (plunging) to move the chips out of the washed parts.

Technically high-tech installations with computer programming and control, they are COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC so the operator remains only to remove and put the roto-fuel on the loading platform.


impianti automatici

Finally, many other automatic ultrasonic systems have been manufactured since 1963. We are also specialized in the design of a single plant and our department is completely dedicated to this type of problem.