The ultrasonic cleaning of the molds is a common application and is preferred for various types of treatment:

sandblasting with abrasives
ball design with glass microspheres
cryogenic blasting
immersion or spraying with acidic liquids
high pressure water jet

The fact is that with all the methods mentioned above for long, that is, after some washing, delicate parts such as edges, countertops, surfaces, etc. they are abrasive, so the pieces come out with bumps and defects in the incisions on the flat surfaces.

We are specialists in the production of cleaning machines for maintenance and reconditioning in every sector:
in plastic – ABS – aluminium
for rubber
in die casting
for sheet cutting
in the food industry
The mild wash is done with our LIFTER plants: melds, naval engine groups weighing over 1,000 Kg.
lavatrici ad ultrasuoni
lavaggio pulizia stampi
lavaggio stampi con ultrasuoni
The molds are loaded onto a platform.

At START command, automatic:
> the platform goes down,
> the cover closes,
> the ultrasound lights
> starts a “”up and down”” movement (tilting)
at the end of which
> opens the lid and
> the platform is in the loading / unloading position
Cleaning the melds with ultrasounds has significant advantages over other systems (sandblasting and pallinating, high pressure water jet, nitrogen or other):
– Uniform treatment without abrasion of edges and surfaces
– access to the most hidden and unreachable points
– Use of normal alkaline detergents against the use of acids
–  zero labour

After washing ultrasonic molds generally no other treatments such as rinses, protection or drying are required.
Washings are carried out with a low concentration alkali aqueous detergent so that almost always no need to rinse or protect the metal and the hot parts when they come out dry within minutes.

In other cases, mild washing often requires a complex treatment sequence, for example:
– prewash
– ultrasound
– rinse
– protection
– drying
This is all automated due to the heaviness of the baskets loaded with the melds.
Here is an example of a multi-stage conveyor with ORTHAGON conveyor: