In the box below are some examples of ultrasonic cleaning applications where our equipment has been used in the last 50 years.
Ultrasonic cleaning applications have no limits:
indicated for hydraulic parts, turnings, gears, heavy melds, as for delicate details in precision mechanics and electronics.
Equally effective for cleaning metals, glass, ceramics, plastics.
They represent the quickest and cheapest system to remove oils, greases, shavings, filings, scrapings, dust from the most tormented and internal surfaces.
In heavy mechanics the ultrasonic cleaning system is used for washing:

  • axles of trucks
  • traction groups for trains
  • naval diesel engine blocks
  • airplane carts
  • PVD vacuum-treated motor shafts
  • crank gear motors
  • components for heavy artillery weapons
  • mixing tanks and varnishes
  • washing melds
  • ultrasonic applications
  • ultrasonic washers
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A very important area is the washing of the melds, instead of the palliations or the cryogenic treatments, which prove costly, abrasive and harmful.
We have built-in high-power pushbuttons, so cleaning is done without affecting the delicate surface of the mild

In the rubber and related industries are very well known ultrasound applications with LIFTER washing machines

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In Mechanics is the most suitable system for washing:

> instrumentation
> mechanics and electronics
> ball bearings
> hypodermic needles
> surgical instruments
> chains
> valves
> taps
> ballpoint pens for pens
> nozzles
> filters
> tools of any kind
> knitting fronts
> melds of all kinds mechanical precision washing

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In painting and galvanizing, it is suitable for the degreasing of any type of metallic, plastic, glassy surface in preparation for the best adherence of the report or as final presentation finish.

Electrical and electronic equipment, components and electronic boards, measuring and control instruments, microprocessor industry wafers, pointing systems, optical fibres, are cleaned before final or in-service testing.

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Frames for optical glasses and lenses are degreased by flakes, pellets and processing oxides with multi-stage systems prior to vacuum metallization.

In the nuclear industry, pumps, valves, diversionary for decontamination from radioactivity are washed.

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