Ultrasonic washing machines are indispensable for washing in the pneumatic and hydraulic industry.

Ultrasonic systems in the field of pneumatic and oleo dynamic washing are used in the final production phase but also in the intermediate phase.
The action of the ultrasound reaches every internal part causing the extrusion of any foreign body, shavings, filings, etc.

During maintenance, you save on labour because you can get perfect cleaning without having to disassemble many parts.

Washings are carried out with low alkaline aqueous cleansers (3-5%) and medium temperature (60 ° C)..

lavaggio pneumatica ed oleodinamica

We hydraulic brake and clutch assemblies, valves and servomotors pneumatic and oleo dynamic washing.
lavaggio pneumatica ed oleodinamicalavaggio pneumatica ed oleodinamica

Interesting is the use of ultrasonic cleaning as “testing” to ensure a product that is completely free of foreign matter that could cause malfunctions in the apparatus.

In a recent case it has been found that ultrasonic cleaned parts have reduced failures and malfunctions by 50%..