An example of heavy mechanical washing:
cleaning of turbines in maintenance for reconditioning.

Heavy mechanical washing of turbochargers, which may be in poor condition (if dismantled after too long).
Diving time in the ultrasonic bath can vary from a minimum of one hour up to 5 or 6 hours.

Ideal for this problem are LIFTER implants that combine an energetic action of the ultrasound with particular movements during treatment, such as swinging during diving in the bathroom.

Particular attention is paid to the oils and greases floating on the surface of the bath (floating), in fact they should be disposed of on freshly washed pieces during the climb.

The plant should therefore provide a shaving system for the surface of the bath.

The action of the ultrasound melts and smashes dirt on the surface and inside the holes.

In the photo you see a piece that only the left side was washed.

lavaggio meccanica pesante

Results before and after:

lavaggio meccanica pesantelavaggio meccanica pesantelavaggio meccanica pesante

Another example of washing in heavy mechanics:
washing molds

The molds can weigh up to 1,000 kg. and they have to be washed frequently so they have problems already in their handling.

Then the mold is deposited on the platform and then everything is done automatically.

At START command, automatic:
> the platform goes down,
> the cover closes,
> the ultrasound lights
> starts a “up and down” movement (tilting)


at the end of which
> opens the lid and
> the platform is in the loading / unloading position

Cleaning the melds with ultrasounds has significant advantages over other systems (sandblasting and pallinating, high pressure water jet, nitrogen or other):

– Uniform treatment without abrasion of edges and surfaces
– access to the most hidden and unreachable points
– Use of normal alkaline detergents against the use of acids
–  zero labour

Treatment in heavy mechanics often takes several steps, such as:
– Pre washing

– More ultrasound washings
– Rinse with running water
– Rinse with demineralized water
– Protection, oxidation prevention
– Drying

Then robust mechanization is needed to move baskets from one phase to another.

We have conveyor wagons (ORTHAGON) for the automation of baskets of considerable size and weight.