Washing electrical appliances with our washing machines of all kinds, from simple tanks to a few litters to more complex automated systems.
Ultrasonic technology has long been irreplaceable in many applications in this area.

Examples of washing of electrical and electronic apparatus with ultrasound:
  • Cards after wave soldering
  • Cards after repair in the reconditioning phase
  • Measurement or control instrumentation during production or maintenance
  • Various electronic components
  • Silicon wafers for the production of integrated, photoelectric cells
  • Optical fibres and wave guides
  • Pointing systems
  • Electronic gearboxes in the bicycle

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are just some of the areas where our washing machines have entered the normal production cycle

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Lavaggio di apparati    Lavaggio di apparati

Electrical and electronic devices of all types are treated with ultrasound at both production and
and in maintenance for repair.

Ultrasounds are used for troubleshooting. The same to subject a possible cold welding stress.

Washing electrical devices with ultrasounds allows absolute degree of cleaning because ultrasonic action affects the most inaccessible parts.

In some cases, such as the case of the recovery of electric falls in water, an isopropyl alcohol ultrasonic wash achieves excellent results, almost miraculous.

The mechanical action of the ultrasound must be modulated according to the delicacy of the workpiece by varying the power delivered by the ultrasonic generator. You also need to be able to change the frequency (sweep mode) to better match the consistency of the pieces.

In the case of washing of electronic devices and boards, after wave soldering, the pieces are immersed in water and treated with ultrasound while keeping the insulation dielectric values ​​intact.

In extreme cases such as: washing silicon wafers in the production of integrated circuits where the treatment takes place in a white room, the ultrasounds are irreplaceable. The washing staff wears special suits for absolute insulation.

Electrical appliances and satellite components are treated with our automatic systems in the white room and always with particularly well-dressed personnel.