Moroni Ultrasound builds ultrasonic cleaning systems since 1963.

Moroni Ultrasound builds ultrasonic cleaning systems since 1963.

Ultrasonic washing machines, ultrasonic cleaning tubs

It has adopted any technology in the industry: from rotary generators, to SCRs, to existing IGBT generators, from magnetostrictive transducers to the latest piezoelectric transducers with PZT elements, using sintered titanium and zirconated lead and barium ceramic materials.

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Ultrasonic washers with high technology and maximum simplicity.

Automatic control of each parameter:
    – wash time
    – liquid temperature
    – Ultrasound damage

They have been designed for a tough job in the 24 hours.

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Ultrasonic washers cleaners with high concentration of power for washing heavy parts.

Automatic operation with each control, they are used in large workshops.

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IGBT generators with automatic operation and continuous monitoring of parameters and signaling of malfunctions with indication of measures to correct them.

In existing tanks special dive transducers of various sizes are inserted.

In other cases we can apply PZT elements outside the bathtub to a certain number to achieve a sufficient power.

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We make every type of automatic conveyor for transporting baskets from one tank to another: step-by-step, double parallel chain, with crane for loads up to Kg 1.000.

LIFTER plants with mobile platform that by pneumatic pistons descend into treatment zone and then trace back to completed cycle.

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In multistage systems we provide ROBOT conveyors specially designed for fast and safe movements.

Programming systems with self-learning to be able to vary the cycles very simply.

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Islands completely seated for complete and autonomous treatment processes.

The staff must only load and download the pieces.

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